Lollia Handcream

The days are really flying by now! Christmas is around the corner, and I know from experience that a lot of us are not yet done with our holiday shopping. While at the market I spent hours deciphering which luxury hand lotion we wanted to provide for you. At first glance I fell in love with the exquisite, detailed packaging and the products looked so luxurious.

Not only do they have a delicious smell, but it is not overpowering. The formula is to die for, it spreads easily and moisturizes effectively. We carry 2 sizes; our petite hand cream size is the perfect stocking stuffer for the busy women in your life. She can place it in her car, purse, & desk. (I personally keep one in all the places I just listed). We also have it in full size!

P.S. we also have the M. E. Essential Luxuries Hand Cream Key to make sure you get every bit of the beautifully crafted hand lotion <3